Dog Friendly Campervan Hire

As a dog owner it's only natural you want to take the beloved member of your family on holiday with you. That's why Twilight Campers offer a dog friendly campervan hire option, so you can enjoy every second of your time on the road. Well-behaved dogs are always welcome, but for the comfort and safety of all concerned, we can only offer a maximum of two small to medium sized dogs per campervan. There is a small charge of £20.00 per trip for the additional cleaning required.

Whether it's spectacular hills and mountains or vast sandy beaches, dogs love to explore as much as we do. You can't beat getting outdoors to enjoy the wide-open spaces with your dog. After a long day, in many UK holiday and coastal towns you will find an abundance of dog friendly cafés, restaurants and pubs. But of course, while dog friendly campervan hire is a fantastic option, there are some important factors to consider which we have highligted below.

  • How well trained is your dog? No dog is perfect, but it is important that they are well behaved in a smaller space like a campervan.
  • The size of your dog needs to be considered. If you have an English Mastiff, a Volkswagen campervan is probably not the best option!
  • Will your dog be safe and comfortable travelling in a campervan for the distance you intend to travel?
  • Check that your dog’s collar ID tags, microchip details and insurance policy details are all up-to-date.
  • If travelling abroad, ensure all vaccinations and treatments have been administered and your dog's pet passport is valid if required.
  • Ask your vet to give your dog a quick check over to ensure they are fit for travel, especially if you have an older dog.
  • Don't forget to pack everything your dog will need - food, bowls, treats, toys, towel, bedding, medication, etc
  • Remember to check if any campsite you plan to visit does actually allow dogs and is suitably dog friendly.

If you are a dog owner wanting to hire a dog friendly campervan and travelling from the West Midlands, then a privately owned VW campervan from Birmingham based Twilight Campers could be exactly what you are looking for. We are a family run business who appreciate the love of dogs and wish for them to travel, while providing a friendly and personal service. Start your unforgettable, dog friendly campervan experience with us today!